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Father Klimuszko

In Poland, Father Andrzej Czeslaw Klimuszko is synonymous with Herbalism and compounded herbal tea mixes for various ailments. It has been our experience over the last 30 years that his recipes are effective at correcting the abnormality underlying ill health and work to balance the inner workings of the body.

As a Franciscan, Father Klimuszko stands out among herbalists and naturopathic physicians. Without any formal education in medicine, botany or pharmacognosy, he seemed to possess knowledge on therapeutic effects of plants since childhood. These skills were put to use in the following years to help the ill, very often in cases described by doctors as helpless. He advocated composing herbal remedies in a synergistic system of multi-ingredient mixes, usually in groups of 7, 9 or 11 herbs. Having an intuitive understanding of the nature, he was a pioneer in popularizing ecology, although at that time this was not considered important or advisable. Father Klimuszko was greatly concerned that the destruction of natural environment through industry would bring calamitous consequences to humanity, including its destruction.


In his book "Wróćmy do ziół" (“Let’s get back to herbs”) he described his own 151 herbal recipes addressing 127 diseases. Other curative means that he recommended included ecologically designed homes, healthy clothing, food that brings vital energy, music and water therapy. He was a great believer in apitherapy as well as medicinal products of Aloe vera and amber.


In his opinion, natural environment possesses immense energies and meaning for human health. He considered forest, where all plants coexist in harmony, a natural clinic.


According to Klimuszko, human energies can have a positive as well as a negative impact on others, similarly to plants and even minerals. For this reason he insisted on companionship of persons who radiate good mood and joy of living towards others. Finally, it was his most sincere belief that human beings are an integral part of nature, and consequently must care for and adhere to its precepts.


Father Klimuszko's books remain available only to those able to read in Polish. If you would like to find out more about his formulas, please contact us by email or phone. 

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